Hot off the press.


An upgrade for a loading system in the digital printing industry.

Print faster and more accurately.

An international match of a special kind: A printing system was improved in its output through our work. A great cooperation between us, the Italian machine builder and the Swiss printing press manufacturer.

Initial Situation

The customer had chosen a printing system with automatic loading when purchasing from two different manufacturers. After a while, it turned out that the output of the system could be increased by an upgrade. The Italian machine builder commissioned CSE to implement the upgrade on the CNC-controlled loading unit.

Our Work

In cooperation with the Swiss press manufacturer and the Italian automation builder, we installed the upgrade and fine-tuned the interaction between the loading unit and the printer. The software was brought up to date and the parameters were reset.

The Result

After fine-tuning, we carried out a 5-hour test run and kept a close eye on the upgrade. After evaluating the test, it was clear that the upgrade had delivered what it promised and we were able to increase the output of the system.


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