A great collaboration with RUN-TEC.


This machine is a special production and was only built 3 times.

Three specialist companies for one spindle.

Teamwork and precision work: In cooperation with RUN-TEC, we were able to update a spindle without having data from the manufacturer. The result: trouble-free operation to this day and a satisfied customer.

Initial Situation

The spindle had an audible bearing damage and had to be professionally overhauled. Unfortunately, the machine manufacturer no longer exists and the customer commissioned us with the repair. Since we could no longer request technical data from the manufacturer, we had to acquire the information ourselves.

Our Work

Together with the spindle team from RUN-TEC and CSE, we removed the spindle and took it to the workshop. There, the spindle was completely disassembled and put through its paces. Together with the bearing manufacturer KRW, the appropriate bearings were then calculated and manufactured. After reassembling the spindle, a grease distribution run was carried out and a 24-hour test run in the test stand. Afterwards, the spindle was reinstalled in the machine and the geometry was straightened.

The Result

Due to the special nature of the machine and the order, we invited the bearing manufacturer to visit us again to record bearing measurements directly on the machine during operation. The evaluation was more than satisfactory and the customer was thrilled. The spindle is still running without any problems today.


In urgent cases: Always 24/7 reachable for you.


Globally in use. Already in 18 countries and 4 continents.


We are a registered craftman’s business y in precision mechanics and electrical engineering and certified to carry out work on industrial plants.